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Investment Club

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

In 2000 a group of BSLC members and friends joined together to share the fun and reward of investing in the stock market. This fully licensed Michigan LLC is a friendly and non-competitive way to learn about investment. All meetings open with a devotional message, followed with official club business and a member-led Education Moment.

For just $40 a month members take advantage of the group's portfolio, which currently includes Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Home Depot, Visa, Square and Costco to name a few. And excitedly, the stock market investments shows a 264% gain!

None of our members have been stockbrokers or financial advisors, this group is open to everyone! So come join us on the second Monday of each month...we are the most friendly group you will ever meet.

Sincerely In-Christ,

Al Eicher, president

Pete Townsend, Recording Secretary

Karen Kraft, treasurer



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