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What is Evangelism?

Updated: Jan 16

Evangelism seems like a complex concept, but it's really very simple. We are called to

Make Jesus Known

Welcome the Stranger

Invite a Friend


YOU can help. There are two active groups that can perform some very simple, yet very loving, evangelical tasks.

Greeters joyfully welcome people as they enter the church for either the 9:00 am or 11:15 service.

Callers reach out to first time worship attendees with a personalized phone call.

YOU can join either of these teams. No experience necessary, just a smile and some kindness.

Speak with any of our team leaders: Dawn Geiger, Linda Miller, Brian Tognetti and Pastor Hemke

Contact the team through the church office (248-646-5041 or or Pastor Hemke directly via email.


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