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BSLC Kid’s Summer Splash Music

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

You'll find 6 songs to compliment each week's family focus.

You may wonder … What should we do with the music?

  • Listen to it and enjoy it.

  • Maybe, just maybe, learn the words and sing along.

  • Have a Dance Party while the music is playing!

  • Listen to the music and make a beautiful drawing or painting to go with it.

  • Write your own song.

  • Make a video to go with the music.

  • Make a play list of your own to share with our church friends.

Lemonade music for Week One

What Jonah Learned Inside the Whale music for Week Two

Noah's Lullaby music for Week Three

Room to Fall music for Week Four

All Sad Songs music for Week Five

Music! music for Week Six

Download the Lyrics for all 6 songs

Download PDF • 460KB

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