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Seizing the New Horizon - 2022 Stewardship Campaign

November 5, 2021 “Seizing the Horizon”

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

God continues to reveal new horizons for Beautiful Savior to make disciples of Jesus Christ in our homes, our communities, and the world. Out of God’s mercy, and through our faithfulness to God’s mission, our congregation has boldly run to each new goal, only to discover that God has even greater things in store for us when we arrive. This means that a new horizon will always be in front of us, and it also means that God will be there with us, giving us the vision and strength to fulfill God’s calling for Beautiful Savior.

We have identified three areas that, with sufficient funding, will help us seize the new horizon in 2022. As you read the enclosed brochure for our 2022 year, you will learn more details about the new horizon that beckons:

To seize the new horizon, an overall offering increase of at least $86,840 will fully support our endeavors. We ask that you pray deeply about this increased goal as you consider your giving level for 2022, keeping in mind the many blessings that God has already given us as well as the great impact that you already have on Beautiful Savior and the people we serve in the name of Jesus.

Also enclosed is a Statement of Intent card where you can indicate your expected financial support for next year. You can offer it in person on Commitment Sunday, November 14 or mail your Intent Card to the church office. Alternately, you may submit your Statement of Intent safely and securely ONLINE.

Thank you for your continuing generosity in support of God’s work through Beautiful Savior, a work in which we take great joy.

Gratefully, in Christ’s Service,

Jim Kershner and Tom Ingram, on behalf of the Stewardship Team

BSLC Statement of Intent - 2022
Download PDF • 266KB

BSLC Stewardship Brochure - 2022
Download PDF • 1.03MB

BSLC 2022 Stewardship Insert 1
Download PDF • 598KB

BSLC 2022 Stewardship Insert 2
Download PDF • 615KB

BSLC 2022 Stewardship Insert 3
Download PDF • 626KB

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