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Brief Bible Dive with Pastor Nik

Acts 8:26-40 - The Chiasmus about the Christ

Encountering the Holy Spirit

The season of Pentecost is the season that focuses on the Holy Spirit of God coming into our lives and shaping the world for the better through us. Beginning with the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit filled the fearful disciples with courageous fire to share the good news of Jesus, we will examine many ways that the Spirit affects and empowers our lives until this day.

This Week

The story about Philip the Deacon being led by the Spirit to encounter the Ethiopian Eunuch, share the good news with him, and then baptize him, contains an ancient literary device called a chiasmus. A chiasmus makes a central, pivotal point by how it is structured, and in the case of this story, it shows how the prophet Isaiah was describing not only his current context, but also pointing forward to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.

For those without online viewing capacity, please contact Deborah in our church office at or 248-646-5041 for a printed transcript.


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