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Beautiful Savior Lutheran Woman of the Year

Updated: May 3

Every year, BSLC WINGS honors a woman in the church who has provided exemplary service to the BSLC community.

It goes without saying that we could nominate dozens of women who go out of their way to enrich our lives, whether through the children’s ministry, music ministry, outreach ministry, or just being the person who steps up to the plate and serves.

This year, we are asking all BSLC women to take a moment and think about a woman who has gone out of her way to help our BSLC family.

Nominations can be submitted to the drop box in the Welcome Center or submitted electronically HERE. All nominations will be confidential.

We plan to honor the winner with a luncheon in the Fall. The nominee must be a member of Beautiful Savior with no previous WOY awards. Nominations should be received between March 25 and April 10, 2022.

Thank you for your help in acknowledging this special person.


Previous Women of the Year

2023 Debbie Yadon

2022 Jovita Scrogin Cunningham

2021 Marion Turowski

2019 Stephanie Siems & Roxanne Wenskay

2018 Marie Cieslak 2017 Karen Ingram 2016 Margie Turowski 2015 Carol Herbst 2014 Connie McKee 2013 Kathryn Hutson 2012 William Gillespie 2011 Jessica Behenna 2010 Cory Richardson 2009 Paulette Juncker 2008 Beth Schairer 2007 Debbie Shaw 2006 Joyce Stearnes Thompson 2005 Louise Green 2004 Nancy Kaminski 2003 Sara Richards 2002 Jackie Ferguson 2001 Marilyn Westerby 2000 Judy Raffin 1999 Rhonda Jayroe 1998 Barb Barbour 1997 Kathy Lewis 1996 Marilyn Lochner 1995 Janet Schairer 1994 Carol Yeager 1993 Marlene Flum 1992 Terry Salcicciolli 1991 Leslie Allvin

1981 Joyce Facko

1980 Bonnie Longlet

1979 Lucille Maring

1978 Jane Boger

1977 Holly Beeby

1976 Marlene Flum

1975 Janet Schairer

1974 Martha Beausoleil

1973 Gladys Jahnke

1972 Beverly Sabo

1971 Virgie M. Engstrom

1970 Anna Mae Schwartz

1969 Irene Lewison

1968 Ruth Bartley

1967 Susanne Ankeny

1966 Virginia Merriott

1965 Josephine Ernst

1964 Nadine Botke

1963 Elaine Paoli


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