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An Opportunity to Share in Prayer

During the season on Lent 2022, Beautiful Savior is taking part in a 40-day worship and small group series based on Rick Warren’s 40 Days of Community.

In the past, BSLC members have been asked to write reflections during Lent, which have usually concluded in a short prayer. This year, we are asking members to participate by writing and/or reading prayers for our weekly worship services.

All members are invited to participate! We have provided an example and Bible verses to contemplate while writing. Click HERE to sign up and serve through prayer.

  • February 27 – “What Matters Most”

  • March 6 – “Reaching Out Together”

  • March 13 – “Belonging Together”

  • March 20 – “Growing Together”

  • March 27 – “Serving Together”

  • April 3 – “Worshiping Together”



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