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Witnesses of the Resurrection Worship Series

The Power of Jesus’s Resurrection leads to new life after death, whether that be a new depth of eternally deep life in this world after a dismal excuse for living, or it be a burst of eternally long life after our physical deaths when we leave this planet. This was soon discovered by eyewitnesses to the resurrection, people who saw Jesus after he rose from the dead. These encounters with Jesus compelled them to believe in the good news and tell that good news story with everyone they encountered.

Worship each Sunday, 9 a.m. & 11:15 a.m.

  • April 9 The Women at the Tomb

  • April 16 Thomas

  • April 23 Burning Hearts

  • April 30 The Opposite of a Ghost

  • May 7 Fishing and Feasting with Jesus

  • May 14 Spiritual Feeding

  • May 21 The Great Commission

  • May 28 The Guiding Light


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