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Welcome our New Minister of Child and Student Faith Formation

It is a blessing to introduce a new member of the Beautiful Savior ministry team. Beginning on Monday, December 14, 2020, Darrell T. Dennis II will take on the role of Minister of Child and Student Faith Formation.

Darrell has extensive experience with younger people as a camp counselor, curriculum writer, musician and adult leader for regional youth gatherings, and in many other leadership roles. He also specializes in graphic design, is active on social media including having a successful YouTube channel with 200,000+ viewers, and is knowledgeable in a wide range of software from finance to marketing to communications to database management.

In Darrell’s words:

As a young ‘preacher’s kid’ (PK), I knew I wanted my career to be centered around helping and inspiring people. This desire started because of the various opportunities to volunteer at church events such as Christmas programs, concerts, Christian conferences and of course, summer camp. Being active in ministry increased my confidence spiritually and allowed me to be comfortable with teaching and reaching young people. Volunteering in the church, hearing my dad’s sermons, speaking before small and large groups along with the voice of the Holy Spirit helped me make a determination to pursue a career in ministry.

Join us in welcoming Darrell to the Beautiful Savior family by calling him at the church office, sending him a welcome card, or emailing him a hello message. And if Darrell calls to introduce himself, please respond to his message; he is excited to hit the ground running and meet as many of us as soon as possible.

Letter - Introducing Darrell T
. Dennis I
Download DENNIS I • 219KB

You can read Pastor Nik's full announcement letter here.


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