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Open Call for Forever Home Run Art

In preparation for the Forever Home Run on October 9th, our BSLC kids are being asked to make art to illustrate what family and/or home mean to them.

Your kids’ art may be used for signage, publicity, marketing, and Forever Home Run decorating. Your kids can additionally make art that depicts the fun of the Forever Home Run and the Kids Dress-Up Dash.

Submit artwork by emailing a photo of the art to Kathy via the church office. Or if you'd like to give us the physical art, you may place it on the Welcome Center desk just inside the BSLC double doors.

The artwork will be appreciated “ASAP” or by September 12. Thank you!

Please consider participating in the covid-safe Forever Home Run, or if you'd like to get involved with the planning of this amazing event, contact Marilyn Lochner via the church office.


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