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Navigating Life's Storms

Beautiful Savior is offering a 40-day Small Group experience this fall

The theme of the upcoming 40-days series that begins on September 20, which will also parallel the topics of worship and the sermons, is “Navigating Life’s Storms.” The storms of life seem to be numerous and unforeseen as we all try to navigate this unpredictable world. This series is designed to teach us how people in the Bible made their way through their own difficult times, and it is intended to give us pointers for making it safely through our own. Each week, Pastor Nik will provide a brief (ten minute) video about each Bible topic called a Brief Bible Dive. This can be viewed before people attend a group session. The purpose is to get into the depth of the Bible story that will be the launching point for conversations, but within a manageable timeframe. For those without online viewing capacity, we will have printed transcripts available.

Participate in a weekly “40 Days” small group starting the weekend of September 20. Gather with a few friends at the church building, by Zoom, safely distanced in a home backyard, or other place to discuss the weekly topic for six weeks. Opportunities to sign up for a group will begin this week online. You can join an already organized group or start one yourself. Either way, we will help find a group for you.  If you have any issues registering for a group or you do not have internet access, or you have questions, we’d be happy to assist you. Here is how to join a group:

  1. Go to the Connect section of our website

  2. Choose “small groups”

  3. Choose the group you’d like to attend

  4. Enter your information

  5. Click “submit”

If you are interested in starting your own small group, please contact Shelley Beck, Small Group Coordinator via the church office at  You will be receiving an invitation to join our member portal to access more information and your group materials. Look for that soon and let us know if you do not receive it. 



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