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BSLC Mission Statement

Thank you for taking part in this important process of reviewing and updating our mission statement. Please use this electronic form to submit your feedback on the Beautiful Savior Mission. Paper copies can also be found and returned at the Welcome Center Information Desk. SUBMISSIONS MUST BE COLLECTED BY FEBRUARY 4.


I am thrilled to share a brief update that reflects the positive changes and growth we are experiencing as a congregation.

Our current mission statement was crafted a few pastors ago, during a different time of our church's journey. Since then, the world around us has undergone significant transformations, including the challenges posed by the global pandemic. In the midst of these changes, our church has not only weathered the storm but is also witnessing growth, welcoming new faces, and discovering fresh opportunities for service.

Recognizing the need to align our purpose with the blessings God has given us, the church council is currently beginning the process of reviewing and updating our mission statement. This is a collaborative effort, and, just as before, we need and value your input. We will be seeking your thoughts and ideas early in this process to ensure our mission resonates with the entire congregation.

As we seek God's guidance, let our hearts be open to His wisdom, knowing that through prayer, He is leading us toward an even brighter future.

Tom Barlow, Council President


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