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May 9, 2021 Service: Encountering the Resurrected Christ: Feed My Sheep (Replay)

5-9-2021 ETRJ Feed My Sheep
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This Series

An incredible number of people witnessed Jesus being alive, being resurrected, after his crucifixion. While some people today claim that Jesus’s resurrection was an illusion, or a mass hallucination of zealous followers, or a conspiracy on behalf of a select group of disappointed and disgruntled followers who sold a lie to the world for some unspecified reason, the actual accounting of witnesses is astonishing and can’t be reasonably dismissed. This Easter season worship series will examine the record of those people who met, spoke, and even ate with Jesus after he rose from the dead, whether they be the accounts of anywhere from one individual to over five hundred people at one time. Through these seven weeks, we will hear their stories, but more importantly, we will hear the truth about life conquering death through Jesus Christ.

This Week

Today’s story involves a personal dialogue between Jesus and Peter. They were sitting on the beach after breakfast a while after Jesus had risen from the dead, and we hear Jesus ask Peter if he loves him. We also hear Jesus commission Peter to tend to his sheep, meaning the followers of Jesus.

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