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May 31, 2020 Congregational Meeting & Church Council Vote (1 PM)

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Join us on Sunday, May 31 in the parking lot of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church as we celebrate Pentecost at a safe distance, partake in communion, and (re)elect the members of Church Council to three-year terms.

Parking Lot Service & Communion

On Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 1:00 PM, we invite people to take part in a drive-in congregational meeting in the Beautiful Savior parking lot. We have secured an FM radio transmitter that can be heard from your vehicle or a separate AM/FM portable radio in the small radius of the parking lot. Simply tune into 107.3 FM.

We also invite you to bring a piece of bread from home, since Pastor Nik will preside at Holy Communion during this time and having your own bread will allow you to stay in your own vehicles. Perhaps you’d like to bring grape juice as well, but since you will be operating a vehicle, please don’t bring wine.

Lastly, there will be a 20-minute carillon concert offered by our Minister of Music, Julie, who will ring the bells in the bell tower for all of us to enjoy. Voting church members will receive the ballot and music program by email at least a week before the meeting.

Church Council Vote

Our church constitution requires an in-person meeting in May for the election of church council members, and since mail-in and proxy voting is not allowed, we have tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit of our congregation to find a way to make it happen during a time when we shelter-in-place. We will email you a ballot that can be printed in advance and dropped into a bucket as you exit the parking lot.

There are three positions are open this year: Two of the three members, Bob Hoffman and Kristin Albani, have opted to run for reelection, and Stephanie Siems is term-limited and will not be able to run this time.

While someone has already offered to run for the completely open seat Stephanie held, we always extend an open invitation to all voting members of the congregation who have an interest to serve in this way.

Our congregation is blessed with amazing leaders from diverse backgrounds and with an assortment of skills. Whether it is for this year or a later one, you might be one of the leaders God is calling to serve in this way.

Please contact our Church President, Roxanne Wenskay, at to learn more or let her know of your interest.


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