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Maundy Thursday, April 6

4.6.2023 Maundy Thursday
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This evening our Lenten observance comes to an end, and we gather with Christians

around the world to celebrate the Three Days of Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Tonight, we remember Christ’s last meal with his disciples, but the central focus is his

commandment that we live out the promise embodied in this meal. As Jesus washed

his disciples’ feet, so we are called to give and receive love in humble service to one

another. Formed into a new body in Christ through this holy meal, we are transformed

by the mercy we have received and carry it into the world. Departing worship in

solemn silence, we anticipate the coming days.

Consider watching Pastor Nik's Brief Bible Dive discussing Maundy Thursday.

This Brief Bible Dive is part of a series of videos where we are sharing why certain Christian holidays have the names they do. We will also dive into the roots of some of the traditions involved in those holidays. The goal of these videos is to give you a stronger knowledge of church history. This Brief Bible Dive focuses on the question: “What is Maundy Thursday?”

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