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Host a Facebook Watch Party

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Part of Beautiful Savior's mission is to connect within our membership and reach out to connect with others. As we expand our virtual worship options, creating a facebook watch party is a great way to connect. You can invite your friends and family to worship with you, even from afar.

To host a watch party of a livestreamed worship:

  1. Go to your personal facebook page

  2. Click on the prompt to Create Post

  3. Click [...] to find more options.

  4. Click Watch Party.

  5. Under Add Video select Live. As soon as our worship service is launched, it will appear in the menu and you will be able to select the video.

  6. Click Next

  7. In the Create Post box, you may choose to to adjust the Privacy Setting of your Watch Party by clicking on the dropbox menu, directly below your profile name. Make your party public or customize the members in your party.

  8. Click Post

  9. Worship and comment along with your community


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