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Forever Home Run Virtual 5k Walk/Run and Virtual 1k Walk/Run

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This year the 6th Annual Forever Home Run is proud to announce our Inaugural Virtual Event! Participants walk VIRTUALLY – meaning – anywhere, anytime during our event weekend, October 16th through October 18th. You can run in your favorite park, your own neighborhood or choose the certified 5k course we have on the Forever Home Run website! We will also host our first Forever Home Fun Drive-In Event!

The Forever Home Fun Drive-In Event will take place on Saturday, October 17th at 10:00 a.m. in the Beautiful Savior parking lot. Come join us for some fun, some inspiration and a big celebration of our partnership with Lutheran Adoption Service!

The event will feature:




  • CAR SIDE WORK OUT FUN lead by our emcee extraordinaire, Jake Boone!

Learn a little, laugh a little and play a little to support Michigan foster children and adoptive families, because every child deserves a Forever Family!!!

Our ability to raise funds is so important this year as it is expected that COVID 19 related stress on families will increase the population of children placed in foster care.  This is also a time of stress for families who have already adopted, or are in the process of adopting.  Many of the traditional supports for special needs of children including schools, therapies, activities and support groups are not in place due to the health situation.  Now more than ever, families need whatever support LAS can provide.  Your financial support of this event will help LAS meet the needs of these children and their families.


  1. Register for the weeklong event HERE!

  2. Be an influencer!  Invite friends and family to sign up or donate (they don’t have to be local!)  SHARE this link.

  3. Share this event on FB or Instagram

  4. Participate in group fundraising on FB or sending family and friends an email

  5. Become a sponsor-personally or through your business!  (Contact David Lochner or Ray Green via the church office at


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