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Drive-In Worship Resumes

Updated: May 4, 2021

Drive in worship services started up again on

Sunday, April 25

Due to the equipment needed outside for drive in worship, we will cancel drive in worship if there is precipitation. We will make a final decision on this issue each Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and will send out an e-mail if a cancellation is necessary. Check your e-mail or our Facebook page for cancellation notices or you can call the church office and listen to the updated voice mail.

We are excited to be able to worship outdoors again and hope to see you there!


Drive in Worship FAQs

What is the radio station? Tune to 107.3. Please note that the station can only be heard within the radius of the church parking lot.

Are there bulletins? If you wish to use a bulletin and you plan to attend the 11 a.m. worship, it will be sent with Thursday’s email update. Please print it in advance and bring it with you, since that reduces direct physical contact with others.

Do I have to preregister before I come on Sunday? Everyone will be warmly welcomed to outdoor worship even if they have not pre-registered. It would be helpful to us if you do register ahead of time. We keep a list of attenders for virus contact tracing and check-in runs a little more smoother if we already have your name. However, we will find space for anyone who comes for drive-in worship. CLICK HERE view the church calendar and RSVP.

What do I do with my offering? There is a basket with ushers on the way out of the parking lot. You can also mail your offering to the church office or CLICK HERE to give online through the church website.

What do I bring? Bring your own bread (and if you’d like, grape juice – not wine in an operating vehicle) for Holy Communion.

Face coverings are not required. Since you are with your own household in your own vehicle, it is at your discretion whether you wish to wear a face covering or not.

There will be signing! Since we will be with our own households safely distanced from others in our vehicles, we will have plenty of songs to sing.


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