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August 22, 2021 Service: Bizarre Bible Stories: The Day the Sun Stood Still (Replay)

8-22-2021 BBS Day the Sun Stood Still
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This Series

The Bible says what!? Yes, there are some pretty bizarre stories in the Bible that we don’t teach children in Sunday School. Quite frankly, many adults have never heard these stories either. However, these events were recorded in the Bible for a reason. The point of our summer sermon series, Bizarre Bible Stories, is to dig into these stories and find the meaning behind them. Beautiful Savior’s goal is that, through this sermon series, you will enjoy a lot of the humor found in the Bible, some of which is hidden and some of which is not so hidden, but all of which gives us lessons for living today.

This Week

Today we ponder what we are to make of a story that goes against every scientific understanding we possess. This is not a story that involves God nudging the laws of science for a brief miracle – it involves the sun stopping in the sky. But to focus alone on the scientific aspects would be to miss the point of the whole story, which is that God will bring about God’s will no matter what.

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