The Afterlife

We all have questions about the afterlife. This worship series will focus specifically on the questions that many of us ponder, but are often afraid to ask. We will explore these questions about the afterlife from a Christian perspective. If you have ever wrestled with questions concerning the afterlife, or if you simply would like to deepen your convictions and find confidence in your understanding of it, this series is for you. This series not based on speculation or random guesses of the pastor Instead, it is based on what the Bible teaches us and what Jesus promises us about the life to come. It is our hope that through this time you will come to understand many marvelous and wonderful truths, as well as how those truths are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives here on earth. “The Afterlife” will both challenge and encourage you, with the goal of helping you to fix your heart, soul, mind, and strength on God’s promise of eternal life.

January 4/5 – Reincarnation or Resurrection…What’s the Difference? Reincarnation or Resurrection…What’s the Difference?

January 11/12 – What Happens at the Moment of Death? What Happens at the Moment of Death?

January 18/19 – What is the Judgment Day?

January 25/26 – What Is Heaven?

February 1/2 – Are There Animals in Heaven?

February 8/9 – Is Time Different in Heaven?

February 15/16 – Will I Still Be Me in Heaven?