Stewardship for All Seasons

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Truly I love thee, truly I serve thee”.

Our Congregation is named for the hymn from which these beautiful words were taken, and for good cause – it is Christ’s love for us that we are moved to return, and it is for the sake of His love for us, that we are moved to serve His purpose of salvation of all of this world’s people.

But that service, which we give to Him freely, still has its price in time, energy and resources, and as we enter into a new church year, and as we continue to move toward a new pastoral relationship, it is time to consider the needs of our service to Him, to take stock of our resources, and to re-commit ourselves and our resources to that service.

And our needs are both significant and imperative to fill: engaging a new pastor, developing the ministries that are core to our vision as a congregation, and maintaining the excellence of our facilities and current programs are challenges that will require each of us to step up boldly, and in confidence.

Starting in early January, and culminating in Commitment Sunday on February 10th, we will move through a time of reflection and commitment, reminding us of our purpose, our needs, our ministry focuses for the coming year and, most importantly, of Christ’s steadfast love for us.

As we begin this six-week journey, please consider prayerfully the personal and financial gifts that you can bring to Christ’s service in this coming year.

One characteristic of our congregation has always struck us as extraordinary and gratifying: our responsiveness to needs, and our willingness to answer the many and varied challenges that a life in Christ entails – but that life provides much more in return.

Thank you for your past services and generosity, on which I’m certain we can continue to rely.

Jim Kershner & Tom Ingram, Stewardship Committee