Big Things in Small Packages Summer Worship Series

Big Things in Small Packages

The Bible is a collection of 66 individual books, letter, prophecies, etc.  Many of these are small in length, which means people easily overlook them.  Despite their limited size, they are packed with powerful messages for our lives today.  Our summer worship series, Big Things in Small Packages, will focus on some of these works, and each week, we will take a deep dive into one of them.  We will also encourage people to read through them at home the week before worship; in some cases, the books only take minutes to finish.  Following service each Sunday there will be an additional time to dive into these small books of the Bible.  Join Pastor Nik each week.

The following is the schedule:

June 16 Haggai Backseat God Haggai’s Sermon Notes
June 23 Habakkuk When God Doesn’t Answer Habakkuk’s Sermon Notes
Sermon Audio
June 30 Jonah Forgiving the Unforgivable Jonah’s Sermon Notes
July 7 Philemon The Purpose of Freedom Philemon’s Sermon Notes
July 14 Jude Looking for Loopholes Jude’s Sermon Notes
July 21 James Real Christians Do Something Sermon Video
July 28 Titus Dealing with Difficult People
August 4 Obadiah Payback Sermon Audio
August 11 2 John Quasi-Christ
August 18 1 Peter  A Holy Priesthood
August 25 Amos Remembering the Poor
September 1 Ecclesiastes  Is Life Pointless

We encourage you to retrieve a copy of the Beautiful Savior Bible Reading Guide to assist you!

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