Send a Student to Camp

BSLC has a tradition of sending our children to camp at Stony Lake.  This camping experience allows students to experience Christian community, spend time in study, experience God’s creation, and learn leadership skills in serving others.   It’s open to students in grades 1-12.  A week of camp costs about $400 per student.  For some of our families (especially those with more than one child) this cost can be an obstacle.  We would like to be able to offer our campers help in paying for their camp experience.

The Easter Breakfast raised an additional $240 for our camp fund!  Thank you for supporting our young people this way!

In addition to periodic fundraisers put on by the youth of the church, you can make a contribution for kids to go to camp.  If you would like to “sponsor” one of our campers with a partial scholarship, contact Michelle.  You can also write a check to BSLC, making sure to include in the memo line “Youth Resale—Camp” to make sure funds are deposited into the correct place for church record keeping.  Money in our camp fund will be used to offer a small subsidy to every family, as well as to help families who find cost to be an obstacle to attending camp.