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This Week’s Good News – June 23, 2020

Regathering Progress The Beautiful Savior Regathering Task Force is making great progress in developing the plan for adding in-person worship opportunities. We are discussing how to regather while keeping our congregation safe and healthy. At this time, we ask that you include the task force in your active prayers for God’s wisdom, guidance, and grace. The task force of eight people (five members and three staff) is charged with navigating many details, so your prayers are greatly needed. This continues to be a matter of bending, but not breaking. We’ll bend a little for a while, but not break since we are the people of God, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, who are called to gather with one another as we love God and love our neighbors. Let’s also give thanks to God for all of the task force members who are meeting with their research, creative ideas, and hearts to help make Beautiful Savior into whom God has called us to be.


2020 BSLC Debt Reduction Challenge Thank you to all who have donated and otherwise supported our 2020 BSLC “Debt Reduction Challenge.” We have raised $9,500 with a goal of $50,000 by October 31, which will completely pay off our bank loan. You may recall that the Challenge was built around the structure of a baseball game, and when we reach $12,500, we will be on first base. Second base is a goal of $25,000. The COVID-19 pandemic has put us a bit off track, but BSLC members and friends are incredibly faithful to supporting the BSLC mission and ministries, so we trust that we will continue to make progress in becoming a debt free congregation. Please consider financially supporting this effort and also keeping its success in your regular prayers. Call Al Eicher via the church office at 248-646-5041.

Owe no one anything, except to love one another

Romans 13:8a.


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