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Regathering Update

Our Regathering Team met the week of May 10 to discuss next steps in our regathering plan.

  • We will continue with our current cleaning/disinfecting system.

  • Over the summer we may considering bringing the 11:00 a.m. worship service back into the building, based on the needs of the congregation.

  • BSLC groups have been regathering in our building for the past few months with positive results. We will be meeting again next month to consider reopening to outside groups and to discuss food and beverage service in the building.

  • Group members may bring their own snacks into the building and outdoor gatherings may serve shared food items.

There are many decisions still to be made so please look for a survey coming to you in the next few weeks. The Regathering Team is looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic.


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