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November 7, 2021 Service: Nehemiah – Putting Feet to Prayer: Overcoming Opposition (Replay)

This Series: Nehemiah – Putting Feet to Prayers

The Book of Nehemiah recounts how Nehemiah, the cupbearer to the Persian King, led the charge to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem to protect the Jewish people living in their homeland. He partnered with Ezra, the priest, who also has a book named after him in the Bible. Faced with incredible opposition, Nehemiah prayed fervently for the success of his endeavors, but he also did specific things to partner with God and put those prayers into action, a practice called putting feet to prayers.

This Week: Overcoming Opposition

As construction began on rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls, the Jewish people’s enemies plotted to attack them and destroy their work. Nehemiah learned of these plans and prayed to God for the people’s protection. Nehemiah also once again put feet to his prayers when he gave the workers weapons for protection, set up a trumpet as an alert, and had the people spend the night within the city walls that were under construction.

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