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May 17, 2020: Sunday School

This lesson follows the format of FAITH5. The format can be used in a simple way for family devotions—as a bedtime ritual, at a meal time, or another time when your family is together. We encourage you to establish this pattern in your home, especially during the weeks when we cannot be together. Part 1 of 3: SHARE Take a few minutes and have everyone share their “highs and lows” from the day or the past few days. What are things that have made you happy? What are things that made you sad or frustrated? Are there things you are worried about? You might want to write these down on a paper or in a notebook to refer back to later. We will pray for all of these things at the end of the lesson. Part 2 of 3: READ Today we hear about “Patience” from Mrs Green.

Part 3 of 3: TALK (and do) Things to talk about:

  • What do you think about when you think of the word “peace?”

  • Are there times when it’s hard for you to feel peaceful? What are those times?

  • What helps you to feel peaceful?

  • Are there activities that you do that help you to feel peace? Songs that are peaceful? Special places you can visit that feel peaceful?



  1. Make a poster or other piece of artwork that depicts peace to you. Use any art supplies you have at home. You might even have ever member of the family create a section that you put together at the end. If you wish, send a picture of your creation to and it will be shared with our Sunday School friends in the Tuesday email.

  2. Use an online Bible to find other Bible verses about peace. is a good place to start. Look up a few verses and pick a favorite. Set the words to music by either creating your own tune or using a familiar tune. Feel free to make a video and share it with us!

  3. In some Asian cultures, paper cranes are a sign of peace. If you’re up for the challenge, learn how to make one. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

  4. Sometimes we find peace by spending quiet time. Decide as a family how you wish to find some quiet time today. You can take a walk, listen to quiet music, read books, practice some yoga, or anything else that helps calm your mind and spirit. Then pray together thanking God for giving you peace.


PRAY (5 minutes)

Close with prayer together. Pray about the highs and lows shared at the beginning of your time together. BLESS (5 minutes)

Close by gathering everyone in a circle and blessing each other. Make the cross on each other’s foreheads and speak a simple blessing, or if you wish you can use the words from the baptism service: “You are sealed with the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever.”


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