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July 18, 2021 Service: Bizarre Bible Stories: Hey Baldy! (Replay)

7-18-2021 BBS Hey Baldy
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This Series

The Bible says what!? Yes, there are some pretty bizarre stories in the Bible that we don’t teach children in Sunday School. Quite frankly, many adults have never heard these stories either. However, these events were recorded in the Bible for a reason. The point of our summer sermon series, Bizarre Bible Stories, is to dig into these stories and find the meaning behind them. Beautiful Savior’s goal is that, through this sermon series, you will enjoy a lot of the humor found in the Bible, some of which is hidden and some of which is not so hidden, but all of which gives us lessons for living today.

This Week

Today’s story is “Hey Baldy!” Yes, this might sound like a touchy topic for those of us whose hairlines are receding. It apparently was touchy for the prophet Elisha too. A bunch of young men made fun of him for his growing forehead, and as a result, they were mauled by a she bear. Why would a story like this be in the Bible? How does it have anything to do with a God of love? The purpose of this weekend’s worship time is to discover the answer.

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