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Brief Bible Dive with Pastor Nik

Moses’s Death

This Series

Moses was a Hebrew raised in the household of the Pharaoh of Egypt. He followed the call of God to free the Hebrew slaves held in Egypt and then lead them through the wilderness to the Promised Land. As people emerging from a pandemic wilderness, we can learn a lot from Moses’s story. It teaches us how to be a stronger community and a people of hope in an age when people seem more disconnected and worried than ever.

This Week

We are examining the unusual events that occurred surrounding Moses’s death as well as his burial. Why could Moses view, but not enter, the Promised Land? Who buried Moses? Why did no human know where he was buried? We will answer these questions during this brief but deep dive into the unique circumstances surrounding a unique person’s death.

For those without online viewing capacity, please contact our church office at or 248-646-5041 for a printed transcript.


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