Outreach Ministry Committee
This group meets monthly and looks for meaningful ways they can offer time, talent and resources to support our neighbors, the community and those in need around the world.  Their diligent work is one of love and compassion for others.  Our men’s and women’s groups also hosts fundraising events where the proceeds benefit those in the world who are in need.  We often support Grace Centers of Hope, Humble Design, Forgotten Harvest, Gleaners, and look for opportunities to bless those across the world, who are in great need, but we will never meet personally.
South Oakland Shelter (SOS)
Each year in May, we host 30 homeless men, women and children for an entire week at the church.  We welcome them into the church as if it were their new home. We lovingly and compassionately provide three meals a day, sleeping quarters, hospitality, fun and fellowship, as well as sit with them and offer a listening ear, a caring heart and the love of Jesus Christ.
Baldwin Center
We collect non-perishable food and donate regularly to The Baldwin Center’ whose mission is to feed, clothe, educate and empower the men, women and children of the Pontiac community. And, our volunteers provide a meal ministry once a month and offer a nutritious meal to the families staying at Baldwin Center.
Piecemakers Quilters
The quilters of BSLC gather on the third Monday of the month from 9:30-12:30. Chatting and praying over the quilts is the usual agenda for the day.  The Piecemakesrs create baby blankets for the Christ Child Society, providing a handmade quilt  for Detroit-area mothers with few means.  Additionally, Comfort Quilts are created for anyone to  share with persons suffering from illness or trauma.   Join us as we make pillowcases for kids in area hospitals with cancer or premie quilts from people cleaning scraps out of their home studios.  Contact Judy if you’d like to attend our next day of crafting!