Let the Bible Save You Money

From the Pastor’s Desk . . .

Yes, you did read that title correctly. The Bible can save you money. When we delve into some of the amazing Biblical passages about managing finances and investing, there is much to gain. The Book of Proverbs alone is packed with enough information to improve most anyone’s financial understanding. With this in mind, Chuck Funk and I will team-teach a three-week Sunday School class at 10:15 a.m. in November on how to save money using Biblical principles. People of all ages are welcome, but it will be geared slightly more towards adults. The first week, we will discuss easy-to-follow principles that make small, but meaningful dents in a person’s budget. The next week will involve ideas that take more energy to implement, but affect a budget more significantly. On the third week, we will grapple with intense changes to financial habits that have the power to drastically improve one’s financial situation. The classes will meet as follows:

November 10 – Easy Changes, Extra Pocket Change
November 17 – Moderate Changes, Significant Savings
November 24 – Intense Changes, Life-changing Power            

These classes will also parallel a three-week worship series on managing the gifts that God has given us. The sermons, under the series title, Biblical Financial Fitness, will also be based on Biblical principles that can dramatically improve our lives when they become part of our routine:

November 9/10 – Knowing the Owner Easy Changes, Extra Pocket Change
November 16/17 – Principles of Our Ancestors Moderate Changes, Significant Savings
November 23/24 – Destroying Despicable Debt Destroying Despicable Debt

This class is for you and the many people connected with Beautiful Savior who would like to dive into this often overlooked, but very powerful, aspect of the Bible. It is my hope that everyone who takes part in worship or attends one of the three Bible Studies will glean some valuable information and see the power of God working through Biblical principles to improve our lives.

                                                               Thankfully, in Christ’s Service,

Rev. Dr. Niklaus