Who We Are

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is a congregation that is made up of wonderful, friendly, spirit-filled, yet imperfect people.  We are single, married, widowed, divorced and single parent families.  Some of us live near and some of us drive a distance to worship.  Some are well-to-do and some live pay check to pay check, some of us are thin and some could lose a few pounds, but we all come together each week and worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as a family of faithful Christians.  We do this through prayer, music, reading of scripture, hearing God’s message, and through our offering.

You might be able to identify with us, in that we have members who struggle with making time for God in their busy lives, while others are faithful prayer warriors and do daily devotions.

We take great comfort in that God loves us just as we are and we hope you will, too!

You will see and feel the difference when you enter our Welcome Center: God’s love is present and we welcome all who are searching to learn more about Him, His Son Jesus Christ and His Comforter the Holy Spirit.

We are rooted in the word of God as His truth and His manual for our lives. Our church celebrates and cherishes the sacraments of Holy Baptism and weekly Holy Communion.

We offer hope, friendship, prayer and Helping Hands to each other. Take a moment and peruse our history: our humble beginnings and thriving congregation today!


Beautiful Savior’s vision was fulfilled in 1956 with our goal of making Jesus known in the community. The first worship service was held on Sept. 9, 1956, by Pastor Herman J. Kuhlmann, and on Jan. 6, 1957, the congregation was officially organized. Our first members were received on Feb. 24, 1957, and the first church council was elected on the same date.

Groundbreaking for the first unit (present chapel) was on Mar. 3, 1957. Our congregation grew quickly and full-time pastor, Donald G. Zill, was installed in Nov. 1958. New members continued to come, and soon our facilities needed to grow as well. We broke ground for the second unit in Oct. 1961, adding a youth center, education classrooms and a kitchen. Our third unit was added in 1966, making room for offices, the nave and chancel, library, and more classrooms.

As our congregation expanded, so did its care for people at home and around the world. We began several partnerships and programs, including the Partner in Mission program, supporting other Lutheran churches, and the Matthew 25 Program, which aids the soup kitchen and feeds the poor. We also began adopting Vietnamese families in need, successfully establishing Beautiful Savior as an outreach church.

Today we continue the Partner in Mission and Matthew 25 programs and are involved in important ministries providing for the needs of those in our community, including South Oakland Shelter (SOS) and Grace Centers of Hope. We now have more than 1,000 members, and we continue to grow in service to God, lifting up those core beliefs we established in 1955.

Beautiful Savior Senior Pastors

2019 – Present: Rev. Dr. Niklaus C. Shillack
2010 – 2018: Pastor Mark Behenna
1989 – 2008: Pastor Philip Hemke
1969 – 1988: Pastor Fred W. MacLean
1958 – 1968: Pastor Donald G. Zill
1955 – 1957: Pastor Herman J. Kuhlmann

Our Mission

In Jesus’ Name, We:
Bring Glory to God through fulfilling worship.
Serve God’s people, both within our congregation and without.
Learn about the Lord’s will for us through sharing and teaching.
Connect within our membership and reach out to connect with others.