Staying Connected

Are you a snowbird flying south for the winter?
Even though we can’t all flock together, we are still birds of a feather – let’s stay connected! Make sure Lori in the office has your winter address and email and we’ll keep you up to date on all the exciting developments here at home (and we’ll have a gift for you too!).  Email or fill visit the easel in the Welcome Center to update your information.

Are you a student or volunteer in youth and family education?
Communicating with everyone involved our ministries is always challenging.  To help make this process easier, our programs involving youth and children will be trying something new this year: text messaging through  Many of you probably already use this service through your child’s school.  This FREE service allows us to create groups and classes within our church so that teachers and leaders can contact the entire group with a single message.

To join a class group use the app on your phone or visit, click on the link to join a class and use the following codes:

TOTS: 6d9hce9
K-6th grade: 6bfbca6
Catechism: 83ha68
High School: kchdcf