SOS – Thank You!

Thank you to the many Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church volunteers who donated time, money, food, love, and support in a variety of ways to our South Oakland Shelter (SOS) week.  What an amazing testimony to the beauty and strength of our congregation and our love for “Our Neighbors”.  We are blessed to have had a full slate of team leaders (Ray Green, Todd Feller, Jim Kershner, Chris Tarajas, Lori Calbec, Angie Griesmann, Pete Townsend, Bill and Jackie Ferguson) drivers, meal preparers, overnight hosts, laundry support, set-up and clean-up crews, greeters and evening hosts, entertainment, sunny breakfast volunteers, Stephen Ministry moments and so much more.  I know our guests felt the warmth of our love and commitment to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Hundreds of volunteer hours were put in by many.  Our youngest volunteers were one and half year old Madison Westfall and two year old Lucas Holliday!  All the way up to our oldest volunteer, who shall remain unnamed!  I am humbled and honored to work with so many wonderful, Christian BSLC family members.  Let’s do it again next year, what do you say?  Thank you!  Jessica Behnena