Adult Education/Bible Study

Adult Christian Education

Our adult education programs provide an opportunity for members to move forward in their learning journey. Whether you want to better understand the Bible, explore ways you can use your gifts in God’s service or deepen your overall knowledge of Christianity, we offer a variety of educational venues that will provide you the support and community you need. Our learning community provides a place to actively engage in lively and relevant conversations and activities that foster understanding and ongoing growth in the Christian faith.


Adult Bible Study

Our adult Bible study explores diverse and varied topics and is a discussion-based study. These gatherings offer an opportunity for Bible exploration in order to gain a greater understanding of the scriptures and how we can apply their teachings in our communities and daily life.

We know that everyone has busy schedules, so we offer a variety of times for Bible study.

Sundays @10:20 a.m. (between services)
Tuesdays @ 9:30 a.m.
Come try these different Bible study opportunities and deepen your spiritual life.